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MOT Preparation

If your MOT test is due soon come by our Leith garage for a quick pre-MOT check-up. This way you will save yourself the trouble of paying a hefty bill for last-minute repairs due to the red MOT failure notice.

Making some of the repairs earlier you can spread the cost and in many cases save yourself from having to exchange some of the parts that can be simply reconditioned. You will receive a full warranty on all repairs done to your car.

Also, if your car has recently failed the MOT and you are unhappy with the quote provided by your garage feel free to book a quick evaluation. We always guarantee very competitive pricing on all our services. You will be surprised how much you can save.

MOT test includes but it is not limited to:

  • Steering and suspension – if these are in safe condition,
  • Exhaust system – whether it is compete without any serious leaks and if the sound levels are within legal limits,
  • Fuel and Emissions – if there are no leaks and if the emissions meet legal limits,
  • Body and Structure – if the corrosion is not too extensive making the car unsafe to drive,
  • Lighting and Signalling Equipment – if everything is working correctly,
  • Brakes – levels of their wear and their efficiency,
  • Tyres – their wear and if the thread meets the legal limit of 1.6mm,
  • Seat Belts – whether these are complete, without any signs of damage and in line with legal safety requirements.

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